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Our brand new acupuncture clinic is open for you! It combines acupuncture with oriental medicine offering your health a holistic, multiple and individual way.


Accumulated by time!


Acupuncture has been practiced in China as a main medical way to prevent and treat health problems over a 2000-year history. It is the crystal of people’s wisdom and experience by time based on generations’ experience. It is enriched and tested by numerous oriental medicine doctors and western medicine doctors in modern times.


Theoretically based on time! 


Human beings are a part of the world which is affected by the outside conditions such as season, climate, temperature, society, and so on. It is ever-changing. But the world also has its own rhythm; so does the human body. They are supposed to be in harmony with the outside world. This is called balance. If not, an imbalance appears and diseases creep along.


Acupuncture times are coming!


We hold the holistic view because there are such close relationships among our body itself, and between the body and outside surroundings. Also, we look at everyone differently because each comes from different families, with different habits, different characters, and different adaptabilities. Besides, with fewer side effects, more and more people are beginning to accept acupuncture and other oriental treatments as their health care. Acupuncture times are coming!


Give us a chance and also give yourself a chance. We will help you get your radiant health and well-being on the life journey!


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